Selected Tenants and Emergency Care in City of Tampere have been decided to choose 112 -mobile access service in order to reach faster emergency care clients. 112access will make use of a mobile phone as a key providing an instant access through the property area door.

In the case of an emergency a fast response time is a necessity. Generally patient should be reached under 8 minutes. In these critical situations one of the most common slow down is the property area door. In worst cases it might lead to tens of minutes of extra waiting time. The indirect cost of this weakened response is significant, even on on city level leading to wasted millions of euros every year.

112access as a service has been granted EU allowance to promote the product alongside Finland in other EU countries. In this process 112access will work as a smart city platform enabling a city level service ecosystem for local services like delivery, maintenance, safety and other 3rd parties. In addition to property area doors 112access can be easily expanded to all maintenance and shared spaces as well. It doesn’t require expensive electrical cabling and can be retrofitted with the old mechanical lock. This makes the smart access extremely cost efficient.

112access will promote the City of Tampere as a forerunner of digital services on a smart city environment. This serves well Tampere’s vision towards more intelligent and safe Smart City.


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