Lukoton solutions

Lukoton offers affordable, secure and reliable solutions based on using the mobile phone as you key. These solutions can be used in multiple different applications. If your applications is not listed here, please contact us. Let’s find together if Lukoton is the right solution for you. 

112 Emergency Access (112OVI) grants access to emergency services personnel to get inside the bulding even when the fort doors are locked. In case of emergency ever second counts. Make sure that the front door is not a hindrance when time is of the essence. 


Home care services

Lukoton mobile key fit perfectly to the needs of home care. Lukoton lock adapters are easy to install and do not need any changes to the lock. Most importantly the same physical keys will always always work. Home care persons can get inside persons home even in urgent situations – without worrying about finding the keys.

Portti - Lahti

Gate access

All electric gates can be opened with Lukoton mobile key. The only thing you need is a small adapter installed in the gate electronics. With the mobile key you can open the gate from the car – without even opening the window. 

With Lukotonjhotel lock adapters upgrading hotel locking is easy and fast. With Lukton hotel lock adapters te locks can be opened with cards and with a mobile phone key. Lukoton offers these products  in cooperation with Stanley Security.